The Host Home Program

AnchoredInn2 The Host Home Program began as collaboration between North Clackamas School District and The Inn Home. The program has been shown to be effective in helping homeless and unaccompanied youth maintain housing while completing educational goals and building life skills. In 2014 the agency received a very generous donation that has allowed us to expand the program from 6 to 15 youth. In 2015 we will be serving youth in the Oregon City school District. It is our hope to expand the Host Home Program to all the school districts in Clackamas County. We continue to explore funding opportunities that could help in future expansion efforts. In each school district the appointed Homeless Liaison directs homeless and unaccompanied youth to the Host Home case manager. When a youth is identified as a candidate for the Host Home program, the case manager and program director will ensure that the Hose Home site is appropriate, is safe, and all the adults will be cleared through criminal background checks.

All youth who are enrolled in the Hose Home Program are homeless as defined by Title X of Mckinney Vento Act. The following is a brief listing of supports and opportunities provided via the Host Home case manager:

  • Monthly bus tickets or passes
  • Assistance in getting important documents (birth certificates, Oregon ID, etc.)
  • Referral to services not provided by the Host Home Program (Counseling, family mediation, etc.)
  • Assistance in resolving problems surrounding school attendance, academic difficulties, etc.
  • Special needs such as securing appropriate attire for a job interview.


For more information regarding the Host Home Program, please contact:

Aurielle Martinez-Dube
Case Manager