Residential Housing

(Behavior Rehabilitation Services – BRS)

Our Residential Housing units provide two separate levels of care and treatment for referred DHS youth. Behavior Rehabilitation Services are designed to meet Federal Medicaid requirements and provide individual services to youth based upon comprehensive assessment and evaluation of their need. Within these services we provide different levels of intervention to re-mediate psycho-social, emotional and behavioral disorders and encourage and reinforce appropriate behaviors. Within this process we look to maintain the youth in a residential setting in order to stabilize their behavior to facilitate academic success as well.


Youth served through InnDiscovery are males age 16 or older, who are in need of rehabilitative and independent living services where they learn and practice life skills in a safe supportive and stable living environment.  Opportunities are provided for Learn more…


InnSpire youth are males age 13 and older, that are in greater need of supportive services due to behavioral and emotional difficulties.  Youth may require specialized treatment services for their physically aggressive and assaultive behavior.  Our staff  Learn more…