Host Home Success Story

“Last month a young man contacted me at Springwater. Due to an incredibly unstable housing situation, he’d been referred to our Transitional Living Program by his school district’s homelessness liaison. After going through the intake and screening process it was decided that while Springwater was not a good fit for him, the Host Home Project might be.

Unfortunately, he didn’t think he had any friends or families that would let him live with them full-time, even with the extra supports and case management we offer all Host Home participants. When he left the Springwater office, we were all disappointed that we couldn’t do more for him. In those situations, it’s not just a concern for the youth’s present prospects, but his future.

A few days later, I received a call from the district’s liaison  A family that knew the youth wanted to learn more about Host Home and had expressed interest in having him live with them. He had someone after all. Before I knew it, we were all sitting around the family’s dining room table, going over the details and planning for him to move in that very weekend! He hadn’t been able to find a bed, but he found a home instead.

I’ve since met with the young man and started working on setting some basic goals. He’s already in school, already involved in his community, but now that he’s got stable footing, we can start planning his next steps. I’m so glad to be able to be a part of what he’s going to accomplish with the support of the supportive and loving family that took him in.

Instead of worrying about where he is going to spend each night, he can focus on all of the things he wants to fill his days.”


-Case Manager for Springwater TLP and Host Home Project