Most business sectors continue to suffer through what has been deemed now to be “The Great Recession” even while the economy slowly begins to grow.  This is most true for those in the non profit sector.  Non profits are committed to keeping their services available and affordable, especially during the times we have been experiencing.  It is a worthy challenge to align our available financial resources to assure success in the most trying of times.

We continue to see progress as we focus on directing increases of our supportive services to those we serve in our community.


Statement of Functional Expenses 2013-2014

Operating Expenses 1,706,056
Admin Salary & Wages 133,166
Admin Expenses 52,035

“America’s most crucial infrastructure is strained to the breaking point, but few Americans notice it.  That’s because it’s not the bridges and tunnels and other public works that are at issue — it’s the nonprofit groups that have been doing more with less for so long that the public has come to accept overtaxed and poorly financed community services and a tattered social safety net as business as usual..As the nation faces a far more serious financial catastrophe, it is time to change the way all nonprofit groups are financed and at the same time, persuade board members and major donors to join leaders to push for new spending on charitable organizations that will assure the best results for the dollar.”